male driving alone

Tips For Your First Time Driving Alone

During lessons, you constantly dream about the time you finally pass and can get on the roads independantly. However, for many newly passed drivers, when they are faced with the task of being in control of the car without the support of their instructor, a sudden wave of nerves come over them. Your first journey…

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Emergency Ambulance

Rules For Pulling Over For Emergency Vehicles

During driving lessons, there is only so much your instructor can teach you through hypothetical situations, the ‘what if’ scenarios rather than directly facing issues and practically understanding how to react. Unless these particular circumstances occur, there is no real way of practising the process of how to react. One obvious example of situations you…

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The Steps to Learning to Drive Quickly

One of the first thoughts that goes through a young persons mind when they first start their driving lessons is “how quickly can I pass” when in actual fact, there is a skill to passing quickly. Pass your driving test quickly A lot of young people just book driving lessons without understanding what it takes…

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How to Judge and Prepare for Mini Roundabouts

I have been a driving instructor for a long time now, providing driving lessons in Oxford and the surrounding areas for more than 10 years, and I have seen a huge increase in roundabouts and mini roundabouts throughout Oxford and the surrounding villages. As a driving instructor, it is my goal to help you identify…

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