The Steps to Learning to Drive Quickly

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One of the first thoughts that goes through a young persons mind when they first start their driving lessons is “how quickly can I pass” when in actual fact, there is a skill to passing quickly.

Pass your driving test quickly

A lot of young people just book driving lessons without understanding what it takes to pass your test quickly, and safely with the very best instructors available. In our opinion there are actually six key aspects to learning effectively.

These are our unforgettable steps to learning to drive quickly.

Applying for your provisional driving licence:

Before you can start taking your driving lessons you will need to get your training licence – otherwise known as a provisional driving licence, which is something that you can request and purchase online.

During your first driving lesson, your chosen instructor will ask you to present your provisional licence so that they can take down some basic details such as the driving licence number, your name and address.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have tour provisional – your first lesson is going to come to a premature conclusion and you wont have learnt much.

You can purchase your provisional licence here.

Practicing for your theory training:

To start learning to drive, one of the first things you must do is starting to learn the theory side of safe driving as early as possible. Before you can take your practical driving test you must have passed your theory training.

There are numerous applications, books and web based products available for you to use and increase your understanding of the traffic system, road signs and general safety.

The easiest way to practice your theory training is to download the free app from the App Store or Google Play and go through it at every opportunity.

Booking your theory training:

When you book your theory training is entirely up to you. However, from experience, pupils have had a greater success rate when they book their theory in advance and practice it between lessons.

The quicker you learn and pass your theory, the quicker you can get to a test standard and take your practical test.

Some pupils have even gone on to say that passing their theory training early actually helped them become a better driver and pupil because they were more aware of the roads, what to do at certain points and gained a better understanding of road signs.

Finding a local driving instructor:

When you have obtained your provisional driving licence and passed your theory you can start looking for a local driving instructor that offers intensive driving lessons.

You don’t have to have passed your theory to start lessons – but past pupils and instructors heavily advise it. The best way to find a local instructor is to head over to Google and uses the following search term:

Driving Lessons [Your Area] or Intensive Driving Lessons [Your Area]

These will help you to find the best driving schools in your area.

Complete your driving lessons:

The DVSA recommend that new drivers book 45-hours of driving tuition and complete a further 20-hours of training privately before they consider taking their driving test.

However, some pupils adapt to driving differently, learning quicker than others. In some cases, we have has pupils pass their driving test in less than 20-hours after completing an intensive driving course in Milton Keynes.

Take a pass plus course (optional):

When you have completed a good amount of driving lessons and your instructor believes that you’re now at a test standard, they will book you in for your driving test. When you pass, it is a good idea to consider a pass plus course.

These have proven to help new drivers become familiar with new roads, driving in different scenarios, and even includes motorway driving. They have even proven to help new, young drivers reduce their annual insurance premiums.

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