Changing Gears in a Manual Car

If you’re still relatively new to learning to drive, changing gear in a manual car can be a little tricky. However, the more you practice and take regular driving lessons, you’ll pick it up quickly. If you’re struggling with your gear changes, then this article will certainly help you out. As well as this guide,…

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Popular Cars for New Drivers and Instructors

As you approach your driving test, it’s perfectly normal for some people to start thinking ahead and planning for purchasing a new car. From experience, I know that feeling well. You cannot beat the excitement of getting your driving licence and owning your own vehicle. I remember well, passing my driving test and heading straight…

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Oxford Driving Test Centre

If you take your driving lessons in Oxford with us, you’re likely to take your driving test at the Oxford driving test centre. Oxford (Cowley) James Wolfe Road Cowley Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 2PY The Oxford test centre has a 49.3% overall pass rate – In comparison to our 92% pass rate, you are more likely…

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